Dear praying saints, I hope this letter finds you growing in the knowledge of our precious Savior, who is worthy of all praise. Once again, the Lord was faithful to your intercessory prayers, and I am truly grateful that you spend time placing us and the work in Germany before the Lord. With thanksgiving I want to tell you of His gracious works among us in the month of July.

Church Ministry in Wetzlar

Many people were present for our 5th church anniversary, and together we praised the Lord for what He has done. We are very grateful to see that the Lord is working in Wetzlar. Our church is visited by many guests (sometimes more than members), creating a serious need for us to look for another building. Please pray that God might help us find a more suitable place to worship. Please pray also for all the visitors, especially for all those who have come to faith in the past months and now long to be baptized.

Please pray in particular for a group of Iranian men whom we reached through our street evangelism. They were Muslims, but after we studied the Scriptures together for many days, they turned from their sin and are looking to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. One of them translates our evening services into Farsi every Saturday. In addition to these men we have other people who long to be baptized and become a part of our church. We hope to baptize these new believers this year as we teach each of them through our baptism class. Please pray for us, as we need a lot of wisdom to care for all these people and to disciple and teach each of them.

Evangelism in Wetzlar

We are glad to see more people coming to our church through evangelism on the street. The Lord is continuing to grant us many opportunities to share the good news openly and to hand out a lot of tracts. Almost all of the people we encounter have never heard the Gospel before. Some of them listen very carefully and want to learn more, while others mock and curse us. It is noticeable that of those who do listen, most of them are not German. We are able to reach people from all kinds of other nations, but Germans are often times very hostile toward the Gospel. Please pray that the Lord would have mercy upon the Germans and that He would save many of those who are now his enemies.

Church Planting Efforts in Frankfurt

We meet every Saturday to study the Bible, pray, and enjoy fellowship. Right now, we are studying the Gospel of Mark. More and more people are coming to the meetings, and sometimes it is difficult for everyone to fit. Please pray especially for a group of very lovely and faithful people, all of whom are lawyers in Frankfurt, who are very hungry for the Word of God. We are very grateful to see how the Lord is working powerfully in their lives through the preached Word.

Please pray for our ongoing street evangelism in Frankfurt. It is indeed a tremendous privilege and a great joy to proclaim Christ to all kinds of people. Again, sometimes people curse and mock us, but the more we share the gospel, the more joy we receive. Please pray for us as we strive to make Christ known in Frankfurt. As we sow the seed of God’s Word, may he bring the harvest for his Name’s sake.

Please pray that we adorn the holy Gospel with a Christ-like character; with faithfulness, zeal, humility, and holiness. Thank you so much for remembering us before the throne of grace. We are truly grateful for all your support. May the Lord bless you for all your living-kindness; it is greatly appreciated!

In Christ, who is worth it all.