One of the sisters that was baptized in April is named Micaela. Micaela came to us about one year ago. In contrast with the other two sisters who were baptized, she did not have any evangelical background and was not religious in any way when we met her. At first, we were nothing more than “curious critters” to her, until the Lord conquered her and she was totally changed! I remember hearing her say, “I never imagined that I was going to belong to a church!”

But that is when the problems began with her family, who threatened her more than once in very aggressive ways in order that she abandon Christ. They not only threatened her, but also our church. I am sure that they also consulted with a witch doctor for help. Nonetheless, despite only recently being born of the Spirit, Micaela persevered in her loyalty to Christ against all the armies of darkness that tried to devour her. Hallelujah!

Another important detail in her story is that she did not only come to our church, but she did so together with the man who was her boyfriend. I say “was” because they have since voluntarily decided to separate themselves from their relationship in order to devote themselves to growing in the Lord (and yes, her boyfriend was also rescued by Christ!). Oh, how wonderful it is to see what Christ is capable of… Micaela is nothing other than an evidence of the power, worth, beauty, and love of Christ. She is now one more sweet and delicate flower in the garden of Family of Grace Church. How I magnify the Lord for such a gift!