Dear Board Heartcry organization. May God bless organization, church and your family.

Thank you for prayer and support financial for ministry and our family to take care of God’s work. Thank HeartCry, that the Lord has given our family peace. Recently, I bought for my daughter a desk and my family can work, read the Bible, pray; in addition, God gave me the opportunity to learn piano to serve the church in worship on Sundays. 

In August we were invited to attend seminars, such as Take Care of Orphans, “The Love Meals”for the elderly, class on love for the street children. Also in this August, Pastor Solomon taught “Administration for the Church According to the Bible” and “Meaning of Fellowship.” Personally, I am still giving myself time to pray, study Bible every morning, praying for the family, the Church, and for Vietnam. Through it I feel myself growing and had seen the grace God has given me in the ministry, I really thank God. 
(The picture to the right, blurred for their protection, is of the Pastor Chi G. sharing rice and the gospel with the poor)

I remember what the Apostle Paul said in Acts 20: 20, 21: “how I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable”, what he knew to be faithful to the end for the good news of Christ. Taking care of local churches and preaching the gospel is a heavy burden and the challenge for me without God’s grace and help, without the assistance of companions, alone I can not do nothing. Currently we are caring for, teaching the word of God, for about 24 people in two different areas; we organize a love meal and gifts to the disadvantaged. 

Please Coordinator and supporters of Heartcry, continue praying for us to preach the gospel to those who have been saved and the Glory of God. Amen.

Sincerely, Chi G.