As the gospel of our Lord advances in areas of darkness, there are both struggles and joys. This is true of the work in Nepal. The following are some of the accounts that the missionaries have experienced in the last month:  


There has been a personal hardship in Dal’s life as his elder son married an unbeliever. In rebellion, he had left the home and also the fellowship. This has been a great struggle. Dal prayed for him, and many times, he counseled him regarding this matter. By the grace of God, his son has returned home, and is now attending the fellowship once again. Even his wife is attending the church. Please pray for them. May the Lord work in their heart so that they would come to the saving knowledge of our Lord.


Persecutions affect all who walk after Christ in Nepal. A young boy, Pravas, is a confessing believer in Greg’s church. His friends and classmates recently told him that he is following a foreign religion. He replied that he is not following a foreign religion, but rather, the true God of the heavens who chose him in eternity past and has now called him to follow Him. He told to his friends that he too was once against Christianity. He told them that it is because Christ has forgiven his sins and granted him eternal life, that he goes to the church. His friends were amazed and speechless after he spoke about his faith. What a great joy this is to hear and see young believers standing firm in their faith. Please pray that his testimony would go forth in power, even to the drawing of those who persecute him to Christ.


Even though Gary has been removed by the radical Hindus from visiting the village that he was ministering in, he still communicates regularly with them through phone conversations. While they are currently without a shepherd, we know that the Supreme Shepherd, Jesus Christ is still guiding His sheep in the midst of these difficulties. Christ is sustaining His church and they have remained faithful. Gary still rejoices with joy unspeakable for that. Please pray that Gary would be able to go back and minister to the people whom he loves so dearly.


There was a new, first time visitor that came to the fellowship recently. It was the husband of one of the believers in the congregation. This man works in India- and only returns to Nepal for a few days to visit his family. This is a common thing in Nepal. When he came to the service, Kirk was able to share the gospel with him and encouraged him to believe upon the Lord. Even though his response was not negative, he has since returned to India. Would you please pray that Lord would draw this man to Himself?


Recently had the privilege of preaching the gospel in a village near the Indian border. The preaching seemed to have a great effect. Two of the older people in the village listened very attentively and seemed eager to learn more. Ragunandan gave them the address of the closest good church he knew of and encouraged them to attend it. Pray that the Lord would not give them any rest until they cast off all of their idols and place their trust in the Savior. Pray that the Lord would show mercy on all who heard the preached Word.     


I am currently preaching through the book of Colossians in the main service, and teaching through the London Baptist Confession in the cottage meetings. Unfortunately, there have been some difficult times this month. A member of the church had to be excommunicated because of her unrepentant sin. Please pray for her and the congregation as they reach out to her with the gospel witness. Pray that she would return to her husband and child and put away her adultery forever. Pray that the Lord would give Rodney wisdom to lead those who the Lord has entrusted to him. Please pray for Rodney’s 84-year-old father as he is declining in health. He is an unbeliever, always ignoring the Gospel. Pray for his salvation.


Tul has been encouraged in seeing the Lord work in the lives of two men who have been attending the fellowship. These men were known to be drunkards, wasting their money on alcohol. One of the brothers in that village, who had a similar past as these men, shared the gospel with them. They began attending the church services, and by God’s grace, they stopped drinking. Not only that, but each of these men have begun taking responsibilities in caring for their family they previously neglected. However, this awakening has not come without cost. Many neighbors and relatives are now against them. They are spoken up in opposition, because they

“have changed religions.”

Please pray for these two men, that the seed of grace would come into full bloom and these men would withstand the temptation to return to their former ways.