Emma testifying before baptism

Dear Friends,
After the events of the Lord’s Day January 31st, we believe it is fitting to write and send out this prayer letter to you. So what is special about January 31st? It was the first worship service held on our new church site!

Ever since the church set the target of end of January for the move, it was all systems go as members worked tirelessly to get the site ready. The place was ready for use by very late Saturday night. A number of members were early at church the Lord’s Day morning for final touches and soon visitors began to arrive, with those from furthest coming earliest!

During family worship, a number of brothers led in reading of Scripture and prayer. I then preached from 1 Corinthians 2:2

‘We preach Christ and Him crucified’

as a way to declare to all where we stand in terms of the gospel. My three points were:

  1. God ordained it – Christ’s death was in God’s eternal plan.
  2. Human nature necessitates it – Only the cross of Christ can deal with the hopeless sinful nature of man.
  3. True preaching must stick to it

It is under attack by a) Prosperity Gospel, and b) Those who emphasize the person and work of the Holy Spirit above Christ and Him crucified. The tent was hot but the worship was rich.

The church ladies worked so hard and fed the whole number of over 100, including children. The icing on the cake was the baptism of Emma in our makeshift baptistery. She is our newest church member. During the speeches, my mum movingly narrated how she has been praying daily for years that Grace Baptist church would have its own meeting place. She greatly rejoiced that the Lord has answered her prayer.

On January 16th we were privileged to host S.R. and his wife of HeartCry Missionary Society. It was a flying visit, for just over twenty-four hours later they had to leave Eldoret for Kisumu. But they were a great encouragement to the church.

Please continue to pray that the building project of the permanent church structure may continue. We are looking to the Lord for resources.

In Christ by grace alone,
Naphtally & Helida Ogallo
Grace Baptist Church – Eldoret