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Dear brothers and sisters,

Just wanted to share this great blessing from God in behalf of our involvement in the COVID response here in Nampula.  Oxygen here in Nampula is very expensive since it is imported all the way from South Africa.  Treating only 36 COVID patients, using only 53% of the average COVID patient oxygen flow rate, would cost $65,000. We expect to have to treat 520 such patients, or 14 times $65,000!

So I have tried over the last three weeks to get funding for at least one oxygen generator capable of producing that much oxygen per patient for 53 patients on a daily basis, month after month, which would cost the same $65,000 but only as a once-off expense.  But after many emails and phone calls to 22 embassies, UNICEF, WHO, the Provincial Health Department and the Ministry of Health, I had come up with nothing.  My last attempt was the governor (or State Secretary).  

He arranged to meet with me Saturday and he was quickly sold on the importance of purchasing this device.  So he will arrange for the purchase of the oxygen generator to be installed at our hospital until the COVID outbreak is passed, then I suggested it be transferred to the new central hospital being built not too far from here.

Dr. Woodrow’s hospital facility in Nampula

This is a tremendous answer to prayer as now we can provide oxygen for our patients that otherwise would have been economically impossible.  Please spread the word among the saints and join me in giving much thanks to God!

Other benefits that are finally falling into place is that our transformer, with clean power dedicated exclusively to the Grace Missions compound, is going to be installed in the next two days “free of charge” (labor costs at least will be free).  The biological waste incinerator and the pressurized water system is supposed to be started on soon as well.

Also, the first COVID pneumonia patient needing in-hospital oxygen showed up today.  He is in isolation at the Central Hospital and will be transferred to our hospital on Monday. This patient is a 6 year old child with pneumonia who also tested positive for COVID. So we are now officially open for business.  Please join in praying that we will be able to help the people who will start showing up here.  

With much thanks,

For further information, you can view the video update from Dr. Woodrow’s sending church: