Juan Pablo Copa Chico

The work of God in the church continues advancing little by little here in the Andes Mountains. We are continuing to evangelize in the towns around us and discipling new believers. At the moment, I am discipling three people as they prepare to obey Jesus in the ordinance of baptism. In the towns around us, several brothers and sisters are meeting faithfully during the week as we gather in each place to study the Bible. Pray that God would open the hearts of the Quechua people in this region of the mountains.

Sometimes the work here can be especially difficult both because of the language, which is Quechua, and because of the roads that get very slippery with all the rain. Two weeks ago I had an accident when I was traveling with Miguel to the town of Vicos. It was raining and my car slid off the side of the road and we crashed against a rock. Thanks to God’s protection, we didn’t fall off the cliff. Still, we continue preaching the gospel in these places. I’m thankful for the brothers and sisters who are faithfully serving with me here. Please pray that God would send more faithful workers for the works in the towns of Tumpa, Copa Chico, Yungar, Huaraz, and Vicos.