From June 20-29, 2017 Shalom School of Ministries in Cambodia again conducted training for all our pastors. This time we had the privilege of listening to Pastor Basil, who was with us last year and now returned to teach on pastoral leadership (1 Timothy).      

We all love him and his teaching so much. He is a such a wise and gifted teacher with over 53 years experience as a pastor in the UK and travelling abroad, so his ministry was really practical and relevant to us here in Cambodia. He retired as pastor of Carey Baptist Church in UK, but not from serving God and we thank the Lord for providing us this wonderful and loving teacher.

As well as teaching, he was able to answer many questions that the pastors/students had about their struggles to care for and improve our church. At the end of his visit we asked him to pray for us all as we left for our different locations throughout Cambodia to continue serving him.

God bless, Chhinho