Luis Baby Japna

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Praise God for giving His church the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. The ordinance announces the Gospel, reminds us of our Lord’s love for us, exhorts us to take sin seriously, and fills us with the hope that we will see our Redeemer soon. Our hope is that we will stand spotless in front of the judge because of the sacrifice of our dear Lord. Please pray we as a church will not take the Lord’s supper as merely a ritual but will be a fresh reminder of God’s love, the seriousness of our sin, and the hope that we can have in Christ. (1 Corinthians 11:17-34).

This month we are rejoicing in seeing a Japanese-Peruvian lady surrender to the Gospel of our Lord and profess faith in Him after seven years of attending the church. In our class for new believers, we are studying the joyful cost of following Christ. One of the greatest reasons to celebrate this lady’s life is that she is committed to sharing the Gospel with family members, and she is reconciling damaged relationships because of her lack of forgiveness. Please continue praying to praise God that He is continuing saving people in Japan and for the people that this new believer is sharing the Gospel to.

Praise God that through the premature birth of twins, we were able to offer encouragement, the Gospel, and hope to a Buddhist family. They are not surrendering to Christ yet, but they recognized in a letter addressed to our Church that Christ kept the life of their babies. Recently they attended church for the first time with their twins. The babies have been hospitalized often because of their early birth, and they have a lot of health and life-threatening complications. We thank God for the blessing of life given to the twins and pray Christ will bring the family to salvation by granting them a new heart.

Please pray for Japan’s laws against immigrants. Some laws are very unfair for immigrants and produce, in many cases, a system of exploitation. Please pray that all the poor people who come to Japan in search of work will find not just a better salary but will be reached with the Gospel by faithful believers through the power of God.

It is a blessing to see two young men in our church grow in their desire to share the Gospel of Christ. Two years ago, I baptized them, and since then, they are sharing God’s word faithfully in our children’s Sunday school classes. Please continue praying for these 2 young men as we meet praying for the next steps in their training, a biblical conference to attend, and missionary trips. Please also pray because they are preparing and studying to share God’s word in our upcoming church retreat.

From Tokyo,