Dubai 1

It has been HeartCry’s great privilege to partner with Middle East Student Fellowship for a few years now. As a university ministry, MESF is unique in their grasp of the biblical gospel and conversion, as well as their emphasis on the role of the local church. Their evangelism on multiple campuses has been extremely fruitful, despite working in a national context that is hostile to gospel witness.

The students from across the region who come to faith are often at risk. Just last week, the director was telling me about a student who came to faith last year. She recently told her parents about her faith in Jesus Christ. They have confiscated all her electronics and confined her to home. Please pray for her safety and for the Lord to sustain her faith. Pray for the conversion of her family. Pray also for the student ministry staff, that they would remain hidden and unhindered in their gospel work among students from many nations and religions.

‘Joshua V.’ is HeartCry’s newest supported staff-member with MESF. You can learn more about ‘Joshua,’ his conversion and call to ministry, here.