Dear Brethren in Christ,

Javier Julve, is a nursing student at the University of Valencia. He grew up just a few miles from Málaga, in the town of Benalmádena. From what I can determine, he comes from a fairly secular background. He is the friend of a young lady named Cristina whom I mentioned in my last prayer letter. Cristina also grew up in Benalmádena, and since she made contact with us several months ago, has been attending the meetings of the church consistently, asking many questions, reading books on Christianity, and sounding more and more like someone who is embracing with growing conviction the truth that she hears proclaimed. 

About a month ago, a Christian speaker with a background in science visited Málaga and gave a public talk on the subject of creation. He exposed the failure of Darwinism to account for what is found in the natural world and highlighted the many evidences in the natural world that corroborate the biblical teaching on creation. Cristina attended that meeting with Javier (Javi for short), and Javi was deeply impacted by what he heard. He told me afterwards that he had never heard anyone refute the teaching of evolution in such a persuasive manner. 

Javi (second from right) came to church with Cristina the following Sunday, and after the service, he asked me if I knew of any church in Valencia that he could attend when he is there. He confessed that he found within himself a desire to listen to more preaching and to grow in his understanding of the Bible. After doing some investigating, I was able to pass on to Javi the name of a man from Bolivia who is pastoring a Reformed Baptist church in Valencia. He is a fairly young man named José Guzman. 

To make a long story short, Javi has begun to attend the meetings in Valencia regularly and is very happy to be there. He told me recently that he has not only been warmly received as a visitor by the members of the church, but that he is finding himself greatly blessed by the teaching. 

Pastor Guzmán told me on the phone that he has been greatly blessed by Javi´s attendance at the church. He has given to Javí different books to read—at Javí´s own request!—and he seems to be showing an interest in the things of God that is sincere, persistent and profound. He has many questions, and seems to be embracing the answers given to his questions. In fact, Javi told me when I spoke to him on the phone not long ago, that he believes that God is doing something in his life because he finds himself believing the things that he reads and learns about God, Christ, and the gospel.

This is all very encouraging, of course—that Javi, as well as Cristina, are showing evidence of something taking place in their lives, drawing them away from their old habits and the pattern of living found in the world. All I can say, brethren, is to pray that God causes the seed sown in their hearts to grow and bear living fruit; and if this work in their lives proves to be genuine, that it will increase to the point where there remains no doubt as to their conversion. 

Thanks to all of you for your prayers!

In Christ,