“At the beginning of January I was invited to help with the ski camp of another student group. I was involved with the ski instruction of the advanced team and with co-leading a Bible study. It was such a blessing to serve with the group. The theme of the camp was happiness and we explained the relationship between God and happiness. The morning talks, the evening Bible discussions and one of the debates were following that theme. The Gospel was presented clearly the last Bible presentation and we discussed it in detail in my discussion group.

In my group we had a graduate who’s brother turned to Christ a few years ago and ever since he has been a clear testimony in the family with his joy and sense of purpose. He used to get depressed and become hopeless. Therefore, this graduate was sent by his sister to an English camp organized by this group, and Christ changed his life for ever. The change was so obvious that the family became interested to know more. God works in mysterious ways. I pray she also finds the joy of salvation in Christ’s work on our behalf. She said she struggles with the guilt of sin, as we all do apart from Christ. We over-emphasesed that only through Christ we can have forgiveness of sins, by faith not by works. This news is too good to be true for people who hear it for the first time.

In my group we also had two teenagers. One of them was from a very legalistic evangelical background. He loved cars and was already working in a car service. He had very basic questions about God and he seemed to have a hard time understanding the answers. The other teenager was also my roommate. I stayed in the same room with her and two other friends she brought to camp. She was trying hard to be as moral as she could be, making the right decisions for her life. When we talked about salvation, she was thinking in her framework, how she could be pleasant to God through her decisions. It was good to see her conscienceless about doing the right thing with her life. Witnessing the room discussions of the other two girls, it was sad to see they follow their emotions most of the time. They were seeking fulfillment in relationships and people disappointed them so many times.

In my car I had two teenagers, twins, who were adopted when they were around seven years old by a Christian family, wonderful people. One of the kids recently started to think more seriously about God, faith… and I had a very long discussion with one of them about life, God, Bible, Gospel, and suffering. He had lots of questions! We had an awesome talk. At some point I ended up speaking to the whole car with everybody listening. I felt the Holy Spirit was speaking to all of us. It was great! In the car there was also a young man who came to Christ around three years ago through this student group. It was wonderful to hear his testimony. It was a blessing to see God is still working in the young people hearts by saving them.

We are also planning for our ski camp in February. The registration was complete a month before the camp with over 50 people, more than half don’t have know the Lord. So many students wanted to come this year. We have students who registered in the camp through Facebook and we will get to know in the camp. One of the students came through the mission week we did in November. The theme of the camp will be Encounter and we will study Jesus’ encounters with the Samaritan woman, Zacheus and Nicodemus. Pray for protection and the salvation of the people who come.”

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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Ion Tomeci