As the Lord continues to add to the number of believers in Nueva Esperanza, where Ivan Tassara is pastoring a new church plant, the need for sound biblical resources has also increased. In an effort to help Ivan in his own studies, in discipleship of men for the ministry, and in the general growth of the brothers and sisters of the congregation, HeartCry has provided a basic church library, with themes ranging from the pastoral ministry and systematic theology, to instruction on marriage and personal study of the Word. The following is a brief description from Ivan of the way the materials will be used for the edification of the local church:

We will be making use of the books in several different ways within the church. First, the books that are more devotional, such as those by John Piper, will be passed around each week by different families. For example, this month we are studying the book “Desiring God,” and during the week, the family that has the book in their possession will study one chapter and prepare to share with the church on Sunday based on what the chapter dealt with.

The books dealing with systematic theology will be used in the discipleship of two brothers that are helping me with the teaching and preaching. We are devoting one day a week to meet together to study the material, which is being used to strengthen our biblical convictions. We have also been helped by these resources in dealing with very practical issues in the congregation. Since we are dedicated to meeting together, it helps us remain disciplined in our studies.

Finally, the other materials are being used by the church based on their needs. For example, they might be used when there is a topic dealt with in Sunday school that a brother or sister wants to study further.