Pastor Paul Onyango relocated this year into an affluent area of Kisumu where Grace Baptist is planting another church. It is no surprise that the enemy would resist as the church strengthens.  Here are some segments from recent reports to stir you to pray:

A Persecuted Wife

One lady named ‘Nancy’ became a Christian about two months ago. Her newfound faith has brought problems in her house because her husband, who is a military man working near Nairobi, is a staunch Roman Catholic. According to her, one night while praying for her husband’s conversion, the man shouted at her, warning her to stop praying for his conversion because he does not need a Savior. The warning did not stop there, but he threatened her with beating and chopping off her legs if she continued coming to our church.

After consulting with my fellow elder (Pastor Sam Oluoch), we thought it best to tell her to stop attending church for a while, for her safety. Though this was not easy, she agreed. In the last month, her situation has gone from bad to worse. The husband, who is now back in Kisumu, has warned her of dire consequences should she set foot in Milimani for fellowship. This dear lady loves the Lord but she does not know what tomorrow holds for her. Talking to or visiting her has become a problem because she might even lose her life. Please pray for her safety and comfort, and for her husband’s conversion.

Children’s Ministry Stirs Resistance

Since we came to this side of the town, the Lord has been expanding His Kingdom through our ministry. On Sunday the number was about 16 adults and a number of children. Last month we took the children to a local museum, then taught them the gospel before proceeding to our house for lunch. They were very happy and asked for another event. No sooner had they gone back to their homes than the warning came to us. The news of the museum visit spread like bush fire in the estate and every child from the estate wanted to come to our house for fellowship.

This has caused a problem and we may be asked to leave after a meeting called by the parents to discuss our conduct. They accuse us of disturbing their peace on Saturday afternoon when they are home from work, because we are doing door to door evangelism and giving tracts. Our estate chairman is a pastor of a charismatic church in town. He is a very influential man with financial weight. Pray for God’s will to be done. Please pray for us as we expand God’s Kingdom in this part of town. If we are forced to leave, many who are not spiritually mature will be discouraged.


Florin Galateanu

Florin Galateanu