Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Praise the Lord for keeping us alive, joyful and focused on the sharing of the Gospel personally and as a church. As a result of God blessing the gospel, Akira, a Peruvian-Japanese young man, became a believer and was baptized recently. (see picture)

These past months we are encouraged while we work in sharing the Gospel repeatedly with the people we know around us, and our Lord surprises us leading unknown people to our services and bible studies. Praise the Lord that while we obey His command to share his Gospel, He is the one that performs the miracle in human hearts—it is not in our wisdom, planning or our strength. Conversion comes because of his love, compassion, and mercy.

A Japanese-Peruvian man that I visited in the hospital years ago, and whose health is still deteriorating, contacted me expressing his desire to come to church. Praise God that he is now attending every Sunday with his disabled son. Please join us in prayer so the Gospel message will bring them to salvation. Please pray specifically for God to show us a way to communicate the Gospel with the son that is mentally disabled and has a fundamental difficulty in communication. Also, please pray that the mother will come with her family to listen to the word of God.

There is a man that I have been sharing the Gospel for five years. He attends all Sundays with his family and listens to the messages. He transitioned from atheism to understand that Jesus is our Lord but still doesn’t surrender his life to God. One month ago he invited a cousin who is a nonbeliever to our service and the cousin is presently attending every Sunday. Please pray for these two men and for God to continue having mercy in providing his saving message and that they will come to salvation while there is time.

I was reading the book of Lamentations 2 this week, and it was excellent to remember that when we talk about

“his mercies never come to an end and are new every morning”

it is not talking about just gifts, it is about forgiving and not giving us the punishment that we deserve every morning.

All glory to our Lord Jesus, thank you because if your mercies and love weren’t new every morning, there would not be a today.

Thank you always for your prayers, and supporting the preaching of the Gospel and the strengthening of the church in Japan.

In Christ,
Luis (Tokyo, Japan)