This month has been paradoxical, because though there have been many personal trials that have at times been a discouragement and have even caused tears, at the same time I have seen God move in the church, as I’ve seen how the brothers and sisters have helped me and brothers have stepped up to assume greater teaching responsibilities both in the services and in the homes that we visit. As I’ve mentioned in previous reports, I can now count on a few men in our church that are a great help in the ministry of the Word.

Also of great encouragement has been the number of visitors that we have had in our services over the past month. Each Sunday, week after week, we have had new people attending our services. Of course, we know that this doesn’t guarantee anything, but we are very glad to see the Lord’s work in bringing these families to hear His Word. As a fruit of these visits, one of the families has opened their home to us to for several consecutive weeks in order to have the gospel taught to them. Each Friday we are going to their home to pray and read the Word of God, and we hope that God will continue opening not only the doors of homes, but also the doors of the hearts of those who hear the gospel.

Perhaps for the for the first time after several years here, the community is finally beginning to open up to us. My neighbor from two doors down invited us to his house and we have been spending some time together. We hope to have more time with him to talk and share the gospel.

Glory to God for the work that He is doing here! On the one hand, I have experienced many challenges these past couple months, but on the other hand God is giving comfort through His Word. He has taught me in a very real way that God and His wisdom are inscrutable.