Dear Brethren of HeartCry,

It is so encouraging to know you keep us in your prayers. We are very excited with the many ministry opportunities the Lord is providing here in Spain, and we would like to share some of them with you through this letter.

Apart from the preaching of the Word of God from the pulpit on Sundays, I keep on teaching biblical doctrine every other Monday at church to a group of around forty students, and both my wife Olga and I, meet regularly with different discipleship groups. Very Recently we have begun a married couple’s Bible study with around 20 couples gathering at each meeting. We are well aware of the great need of spiritual and strong marriages and we pray the Lord uses these meetings to edify and bless the families in our congregation.

Several weeks ago, a regional newspaper published an interview with me concerning a conference I was about to give on the Resurrection of Christ. It was indeed an unexpected but very well received opportunity to share the Gospel.

Towards the end of this month our church will be receiving a Short Term Missions group from Grace Community Church (Los Angeles, CA). They will be helping us out in our evangelism ministry, particularly in our town, Marin, and in the town of Lalin (both towns are in Galicia). The plan is to be handing out the Word of God, and also spreading the gospel at different venues. We keep praying that the Lord might save lives in this country immersed in the absolute spiritual darkness of secularism and false religion. Our prayer is also that God might use this trip as a means of encouragement and example to our congregation regarding the responsibility we all have to reach out to the lost.

Concerning Berea’s Seminary, I keep on carrying my teaching activity, particularly in the Bible and Theology program, developing curriculums for new courses and teaching different classes. This coming weekend we will be having the graduation ceremony from our students in the seminary extension in Murcia. We are so thankful to the Lord for these students and for the positive impact their training has had and will have on so many churches throughout the country.

These past months, I’ve been traveling a great deal. I have been invited to preach at different churches and conferences around the country (Madrid, Sevilla, Leon). Right now, I am writing this letter from the country of Colombia S.A., where I am preaching at a Shepherd’s conference alongside Henry Tolopilo and Michael Mahoney. I am also teaching at the IDEX Institute in the cities of Cali and Bogota.

As for our family, we are happy to say Olga is already eight months along in her pregnancy. Lord willing, Benjamin will be joining our family in the beginning of July. Our daughters, Alejandra and Lucia, are very excited with the coming of a new sibling. They are both doing well and keep growing healthy and bringing joy to both of us.

Thank you so much for your commitment towards us, which is made known through your prayers and faithful support. We ask, that you please keep praying for us. For even in the midst of so many blessings, our soul’s enemy tries to hinder and restrain the progress of the work of the Lord. But we trust in God’s grace and guidance in our service to Him.

In Christ,

Heber Torres