Dear Brethren in Christ, 

We live in a world governed by spiritual forces of wickedness, darkened by sin and still in the Lord’s mercy we experience the gifts of His Grace. He displays His Sovereignty through the salvation of souls and the edification of His people for His glory. And it is in His sweet compassion that we are allowed to see part of the fruit of the gospel. 

In June we celebrated the graduation of the first promotion in Bible and Theology in Berea Seminary in León. I have been involved in this ministry for the past three years developing curriculums and teaching several classes. It was a great delight to see 10 men from all over the country, faithfully studying to serve the Lord and honor Him having a spiritual impact in the lives of others. We pray the Lord guides them and their ministry brings glory to His name.

On the other hand, we had baptisms in the church were we serve in Marín. 5 brethren gave public testimony of their faith in Christ. One of the stories of conversion in particular was quite remarkable. When her family first knew she was coming to church they encouraged her to quit, and told her we would trick her and even maybe brainwash her to control her will.  Still, in God’s mercy He worked in her heart through Scripture, convinced her of sin and gave her new desires, and she is now inviting others to hear the Word of God.

It was a blessed day for the church, and a great opportunity to preach the gospel to a church packed with non-believing family members and friends. We pray the Lord glorifies Himself more and more by saving sinners in Spain.

We keep on laboring in the town of Lalin, trying to plant a church. These weeks we have been able to get back in touch with some of the people who showed interest at some point. I pray specifically for Tomás, who started off very enthusiastically but his interest faded over time. After several months we met by coincidence on the street and we were able to chat for a while. He seemed to be willing to come back again to one of the meetings.

We pray many others can hear the gospel of life in a place dominated by human traditions. For the past four years we have witnessed how all sorts of organizations, no matter their political or moral views, were allowed to host different public events—except for us. They hindered every proposal with inconceivable excuses.  Since last month, after the election, we have a new government in charge of administration, so we pray the Lord works among the governors and allows us to preach Christ without opposition or hindrance. In the meantime, I keep meeting every Wednesday to study the Bible with a couple there. Please, pray for their salvation.

As a family, we are so thankful to the Lord for his constant care. The last week in June we were invited to attend a missionary conference in Los Angeles (California) and we enjoyed fellowship among the missionaries and the brethren at Grace Community Church. We praise God for the spiritually refreshing time we had, but also for the wise advice we got from some godly brethren before heading back to the field where our Lord has placed us for now.

We want to thank you for your prayers and for supporting the advancement of the gospel in Spain. Pray that we may be faithful servants of Christ.