Through our studies in the Gospel of Matthew as a church, and through the courses on Inductive Bible Study, the Lord is confronting many of the brothers in the church with His Word and showing them how they can be more used by him in His work here. Over the recent months, two of the brothers have especially shown a strong desire to serve. One of them will even begin studying in the Bible Academy this month. The other brother has shown a true servant’s heart and great humility manifest in his service. He has also started to help me in some of the teaching on a regular basis, as well as other responsibilities in the congregation. I am thankful to God for such a response to our petition for him to send more laborers. Please keep praying for these two men, that the Lord would give them even more clarity and strength in how He might use them in His service.

Also, I would like to share a testimony of the Lord’s work while I was preaching the Gospel at a funeral this month. Certainly, God uses us according to His will and He inclines His heart to whom He wills. This opportunity was given to me without any type of preparation, since I decided to accompany a friend to the funeral at the last minute upon his request. Since the family asked me to share with them, I decided to do so. After I had taught on the Judgment of God and our responsibility to be made right with Him, an elderly man approached me, and he said to me, “I am 80 years old and all this time I have wanted to hear a message like the one you have spoken. Sir, I believe what you said and now I have peace.” After this I wanted to talk further with him so we went to a place where we could spend time in conversation. It was obvious that the Lord had done a work in him that day. His name is Juan, and he is a native of Cuzco. He was only visiting Lima during that time, but he told us that he was going to return to his land and share the Gospel. I have a friend that is pastoring in Cuzco, so I contacted him to make sure that he follow up with Juan and continue to disciple him. I only plead with the Lord to continue to guide this man and that He might accomplish a great work in him and his household.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I beg you to help me with your prayers, and may the Lord do with me as appears good to Him.