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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

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Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My wife and I celebrated our 9th marriage anniversary in January. God has been so faithful in our marriage, and because of His Gospel, we are pressing on. I am so much amazed as He has led us thus far. Year Every year, our marriage is getting stronger and stronger. Having said that, we know that we are not perfect but rejoice in the growth in Christ-likeness. God has given us to one another for His mission field, and apart from her, I would not be able to reach out to the needy souls and minister to the flock of God. I praise God for her, and her willingness to serve the Lord alongside me.  Please continue to pray for our marriage, that we may grow more in Christ-likeness. Please pray for our responsibility towards our children, that we lead them in Christ and we would be godly parents in Christ.

Local Churches

We praise God for His faithfulness among the flock of God. God has given me the privilege of overseeing these two local churches:

Bethlehem Church:

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This local Church was started in June 2016. It started as an evangelistic work, and slowly and gradually, God added more people. I and brother Gautam (our intern) visit every Friday to teach and preach to this small flock of God. The foundation of the gospel is being laid and people are growing in sound biblical doctrine. A couple of the attendees are now looking for baptism. We are praying for them and want to see their faith in Christ through the testimony of water baptism. We are praying and looking forward to seeing a local pastor in this Church in the future. Brother Gautam is desiring to be a pastor and wants to serve this local church. Please pray for him, and those seeking baptism.  

Grace Church:

Grace church continues to grow in the Lord. God has also slowly added to our numbers. After eight years of my ministry in this local church, I have found the church growing biblically as a healthy church. Brother Doug and I are ministering here. We have finished a series of sermons on the book of Romans, Philippians, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. Now we are going to start on the book of Genesis. It has been encouraging to see people growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the added numbers, we prayed that the Lord would provide a new building where we can have enough space to have the corporate meeting. The Lord answered our prayers and provide space. This is not permanent but will work for a couple of more years. This place provides a peaceful setting, which will allow us to record our sermons without background noise. Please pray for those looking for baptism. Continue to pray for us elders as we preach His Word faithfully.

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Local Church Conference:

In November, we organized a two-day conference. Brother Doug taught on What is Church and Membership?  I taught the church’s responsibility towards one another. It was very encouraging for our local believers as well as for the new people. We praise God for this privilege to serve one another and built one another up in the Lord! Please pray for two sisters who have heard these messages, and desire to join with our body.  

Internship Program

This batch of interns is coming close to an end. A couple of more months to go for Gautam. In addition to that, he is looking forward to getting married soon to our orphan children caregiver. After the marriage, he will be staying under our leadership and local church authority. We are hoping that in four or five months, he will go back to his local place as a church planter. We are praying and excited to see that day.

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The next internship will be starting the third week of April. We will have our first married couple. Brother Prem has a deep desire to know sound biblical teaching and a desire for full-time ministry. He is a professor in a secular college. Apart from his college teaching, he also serves in a local church. This brother wants to grow more in the life of the Church. I have been meeting with this brother every week to study. We are studying together from a book “What is the Gospel?” by Greg Gilbert. He is enjoying and excited to learn more. I met this brother four years ago, but we have gotten closer these last 9 months. The elders would like to invest our lives in this brother so that he may be equipped for the future full-time ministry.

He is also looking forward to joining Reformed Baptist Seminary (RBS) through their online Master’s program. I too have the desire to go through the Master of Divinity program. God willing, we will be joining in the Second Semester. This would be a great opportunity for us to get an academic degree. There is a great need to help the local church. After 11 years, this seems to be the right time. Please pray for brother Gautam’s marriage and that God would supply all his financial needs. Pray for the new intern, brother Prem, that God would supply everything needed to be equipped for service.

We praise God for HeartCry. For being prayer partners and supporters of us. Your prayers and support have been a great help for the gospel work in this needy land. God be glorified through all of us what we do for His Name’s sake. Amen!