Greetings in the Name of Christ! In this month, I was sick and couldn’t survive for myself. So my son Silas brought to his house. I stayed for 3 days there and went back to the place where I stay. I was very discouraged because of my sickness. I had lost my hope to live but in God’s grace, I am feeling better. Pastor Kirk looked after the church for two weeks. Now I am going to Karna Dada and Siluwa for church service, but still I cannot go to Gorlikharka, because it is too far. Mr. Tek is handling the fellowship of Gorlikharka. I hope that God will help me to go there and to see the believers. I am praying that God would raise leaders in each church before my death. I believe He will feed His church. I am praying that God may help me to serve Him even in my sickness and in my old age.

In the grace of God, the believers are moving forward. The youth and children of Siluwa are growing in God’s knowledge. I am worried for Sunday school teacher and the leader for youth. May God provide in His time. Thanks to God that we bought a small portion of land. In God’s strength we made the temporary house for meeting. Many times we had a meeting in the open air, but our God is great that He provides for all our needs. He is great and mighty. It is my heartfelt thanks to God for supplying our needs.

I am quite worried for Karan Dara. The believers of Karan Dara are not so serious in God’s Word. I am trying to visit those believers and share with them the truth. May God help me to guide them in Him and praise Him through their life.

Once again I would like to give thanks to God for healing me from sickness and giving me strength to serve Him again. I am old and often I get sick but the Lord is with me and He will provide more shepherds for His sheep before I pass away. It is my thanks to HeartCry for your love and prayer in my life and to my country. May God bless your heart.

Prayer Requests: We bought the land in Siluwa but still has not done paper sign. Please pray for this. Pray for Mr. Tek, B. Saru. He is helping me to do ministry. May God help him to do His ministry. Pray for Mr. Terry, Mr. Kashep, Mr. Homnath and Mr. Sunil for their studies and growth in the Lord. Pray for my heath and the ministry that God has given to me. That I may serve Him faithfully.