HeartCry missionary George Serban has served the Lord faithfully for many years in Dragonesti Olt, Romania. His ministry has not been easy having had to endure many difficult trials. This month, our brother gives us a window into the weekly tasks of being a pastor:

We are grateful to the Lord for the mercy he has given us this month in providing life, health and the people He surrounds us with. This enables us to do his ministry efficiently.

All ministers should value teamwork, because through working with others the needs of the ministry are fulfilled and each of us develops and is able to work effectively. If we look in the Scripture, we will notice that the people God used worked as a team. We can also apply this idea to the church. But how can we have fellowship with each other when we come from different backgrounds, know different levels of maturity, have different social statuses and different academic levels? We can have fellowship with each other when we have the same values of Christian teaching and similar experiences in our lives.

With God’s help, we had our second Vacation Bible School. This was the first VBS for the children who attend our after school program. The second VBS is for the children in our town and surrounding villages where we have mission points.

The children learned Bible verses and songs every day and have had a good time together under the influence of the Scripture. One of the mothers was so impressed by our program she made donuts for all the children and volunteers. A neighbor was also very impressed by the ministry and prepared lunch for all our volunteers who were involved in this ministry.

Please join us in praying for these children and their parents to be searched by God’s Word and repent. Please pray for Hope Baptist Church to be full of passion to win souls and to maintain our relationships with the children’s parents.

God also blessed us as we were able to have a baptism in our church at the end of last month. Two people were baptized; Stefan, 17 years old and Marin, 65. Brother Marin answered God’s call following health issues. Please pray for these two people to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and to be a good example before the people around them that they may bring other people to the Lord.

We carried on the street evangelism ministry, distributing Bibles and Christian literature. We pray that they would repent and turn to the Lord.