I hope that while you read this report, you can all be aware that each good thing that I relate to you is nothing other than a glimmer of the faithfulness of the Lord toward us; they are not our accomplishments, advancements, or strengths, but His accomplishments and the power of His might in the midst of our weakness.

I am only now realizing, as I begin this report, that we have already begun the last month of the year. How fast 2014 has gone! How great is our need to continually have the attitude of the psalmist and the apostle, pleading with the Lord to teach us to number our days in such a way that our heart might acquire wisdom (Psalm 90:12) and seeking to make the most of our time in these evil days (Ephesians 5:16). Please, when you think of us, pray that we might live in light of the brevity of our days and the length of eternity. Pray that we always remember that there’s “only one life, ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

One of the greatest needs in our church at this point is more laborers, more disciples that are capable of caring for new believers and new members of the church. We know that the Lord is sovereign and that He cares personally for each of His children, and we rest in this knowledge. At the same time, we know that His commission to us was not merely to lead people to the entrance of the Kingdom, but to make disciples, and to teach them to obey all that Jesus commanded us; and for that, we need more laborers. Speaking with Nicolas a few days ago, we were reflecting on the fact that we almost always find ourselves with more “harvest” than laborers. As soon as more laborers are raised up, it seems that the harvest grows even more, and again we have a need for more laborers.

Really, the Lord has granted us in our congregation brothers and sisters that are precious, mature, holy, and devoted. But we need more! I am aware of the great danger of deceiving ourselves by growing content with superficial things: the church is full, the people liked the sermon, the music sounds good, etc., but I tremble as I consider that if we are not making disciples in a faithful manner, and if we are not caring personally for each of the sheep in this flock, then we will present ourselves with shame before the Prince of pastors, the Great Shepherd of the sheep! Please, pray that we might be equipped for raising up workers, so that we might be faithful in our responsibility to make disciples.

Also, another great burden that floods my heart is the absence of solid churches in our country. This afternoon a married couple visited us after traveling almost 500 miles in order to spend time with the church here. As I write this report, another married couple along with their four children are traveling the 250 miles between their city and ours, in order to be present tomorrow in our church fellowship. Why is this happening? It is because our country is so “unreached,” as are so many other countries around the world! Our land is practically a land without churches.

Oh, what a great work we have ahead of us! When I consider the situation in Argentina, my heart breaks in longing to see solid churches established. Not only churches with a “sound doctrine” and a sound confession of faith, but also churches with sound practice; not only churches that are healthy in theology, but also churches that are vibrant in doxology and faithful in the work of making disciples.

I share these burdens with you so that you might pray for us. My conviction with regard to our work during this time, and I know that it is also the conviction of Nicolas, is that in the midst of this desert that surrounds us, our primary labor ought to be commitment to strengthening our local church, to make disciples, and to grow in grace and knowledge. Someone might say that in the midst of so many needs, the “logical” action would be to run in as many directions possible and try to put out as many flames as we can. But we are convinced that the wisdom of God is greater than our own logic, and that the greatest good we can do for the world during this time is proclaim the Gospel and build up a solid church, that it might be a pillar and support of the truth.