One of the greatest privileges the Lord has given us as believers is to share His Word, and to do so especially with people that don’t know the gospel. However, it’s very sad when I find out that congregations that are supposedly Christian do not preach Christ and those who attend do not know the gospel.

This month I received an invitation to preach the Word in a congregation that teaches what is known as the ‘prosperity gospel,’ which really shouldn’t be called a ‘gospel’ at all. At first, I was going to decline the invitation. But the more I thought about it, the more my heart was moved with a burden to go. Perhaps there were some people there that the Lord would save and that were waiting for someone to come and preach the gospel to them. So, I continued praying for a couple days more and then when the church contacted me again, I told them that I would accept their invitation.

It was wonderful to see the hand of the Lord move on that morning. He brought two men to repentance. They were broken over their sin and were weeping, but they also looked to Christ and believed that there is salvation for them in Him. I don’t know if there were other people that were affected by the gospel that morning; all I know is that the Word of God never returns empty.

I have another opportunity to preach in a different church of the same denomination this week. They asked me to come and speak on the topic of marriage. It is a wonderful opportunity to speak to them about God’s design in marriage, and about how it represents the gospel. We are praying that the Lord would continue to open these kinds of opportunities for us to share His Word with those who are not yet believers.