This month the Lord gave me the opportunity to travel to a place call Cochiquinas in the low jungles of the Amazon. The invitation was given to me from eight churches in the region that wanted me to share on the biblical teaching of the church and the Christian family. The Lord allowed me to see his faithfulness in the churches in the midst of so much evil in that context. 

However, I noticed quickly that these pastors needed more help understanding the gospel. We began by looking at what the Bible says about the transformation that God creates in us through the gospel and why it is important to understand the change that takes place in the life of a Christian. They began to confess that they had never had a good understanding of these things and no one had ever taught them.

So, the training ended up being almost exclusively focused on the gospel, rather than ecclesiology or the family. We spent nearly two days in their entirety on these studies, until I was certain that the men had understood what we were studying. We are going to remain in touch with these churches to keep helping them. Since I’ve returned several days ago, I’ve already received a number of calls from them saying they would like to continue with the discipleship. I’m thankful to the Lord for this privilege in being able to witness His faithfulness to His people.