The key event of May for the HeartCry team was the evangelistic outreach in the city of Pucioasa, and a few other towns in the neighborhood (Varfuri, Vulcana, Magura). Once again, the HeartCry missionaries joined their efforts to reach out to the community where missionary Nicu Vulpe, along with Marius, and Alex work to plant churches. Hundreds of people were called to come to repentance by one to one street evangelism, home visits, and evangelistic meetings. We are sure that the seed of the Gospel will bring fruit in the hearts of some. Others will stay under judgment!

An interesting encounter we had was with a man who used to be a police officer in the Secret police under Communism. He heard the Gospel as many others in those days, but he was very reluctant. He even mocked us, going so far that he told us how he tortured the Christians in the times of church persecution in Romania. No regret could be seen in the heart of this man for what he had done!

A similar event took place in Bucharest, where Adonai Church (missionary Costel Gheoanca) joined OSCEB student ministry (Ruxi, and Dana) in a massive reach out of the student community, and the city, using the so called Proxy Station (some panels with questions). Costel reports that over 300 students, and people were approached one to one in a Gospel presentation. More students were called to salvation in a number of other campuses (Targu Mures, Ploiesti, Sibiu) where Alex Palade traveled. Dana L. went on a trip to Armenia, and had great opportunities to share about Christ.

Providence Church in Brasov hosted two evangelistic events (a medical project, and a family meeting) where close to fifty people heard the Gospel, and three are now attending the church consistently. Another major event was organized by all churches in Brasov. Among the six hundred people many were unbelievers. Sorin Prodan preached the Gospel that night calling people to reconciliation with God.

Nicu Vulpe reports their first experience of divorce in the church of Pucioasa. A sister that was under many years of physical abuse went on and asked for divorce. What a hard time for a missionary! Pray for this lady, and for the church!

Florin Stan, missionary in Fieni, had the baptism of Oana Oncioiu, a lady that attended the church many years, but was greatly influenced by teachings of the Adventist Church.

Pray for a case reported by missionary Danut Opris, who assists spiritually a family whose daughter needs a surgery for her disability, and needs financial support. A second case is of the Serban family, our missionary couple in Stoienesti. Dana’s heart surgery failed, and needs a second surgery.

The Gypsy Ministry

The HeartCry Gypsy missionaries joined in a two-day outreach in Rosiorii de Vede. Last year they were assisted in this ministry by the Romanian HeartCry missionaries, and this year they have continued to do this outreach as they learned. Two baptisms took place in the town of Olteni, where Marin Moise, and Sorin prodan baptized more people. Toma Marian had an outreach in the main park from Bucharest. Initially the guards in the park stopped them, but then they met a Christian guardian who let them continue to share the Gospel. Around 300 people were reached out to that day! He also reached over 40 poor families taking to them bags of food, and New Testaments.


The Purity Seminar continued to be taught in schools. Anatol Dunas, Gelu Ciorna, and other HeartCry missionaries have a great open door in the state schools for teaching about sexual purity. The result of this teaching consists in the light of the Gospel that goes to a dark place. The immorality in the Moldavian schools is rampant! This seminar is taught now in many schools from Moldova, and more than ten thousands students were under the Christian teachers that taught them the Gospel principles of a pure life. Pray for our missionary Natasha Terenti who had a surgery because of a gland dysfunction. Also our missionary Pavel Purcaci’s son, Alberto, was in the hospital with a pneumonia. Have them in your prayers, along with the other missionaries from Moldova, and their ministries.


The situation in the Ukraine is still hard. The Eastern side is under war. The pro-Russian terrorists took some Evangelical churches’ buildings, and made of them bases for their attacks, or storage for their weapons. A pastor was beaten for refusing to let them take his building. Our HeartCry missionaries work in the Western side where there is less tension. Ion Gireada preached at a funeral of a young man who was called to Christ but refused to repent. He died in an accident at the age of forty. The village of Bahrinesti was shocked, and was confronted once again with the message of salvation. Missionary Sandu Deac reports about the outreach of some foreign students from India, that are in a large number (over 400) at the University of Cernauti.

Ion Gireada asks for prayer and support for Aurica, a lady who repented last year, and was baptized. A couple of years ago, her daughter was hit by lightning, and died. Aurica heard the Gospel and followed the Lord in baptism, in spite of the great opposition of her family, and the priest. A few weeks ago, her son, the only child now, was diagnosed with leg cancer. The priest, and the relatives speak in the village that she is guilty of this because she forsook her church, joining a “sect”. The Baptist Church in Tereblecea prays for healing, and assist this sister with spiritual, and material help for treatment for her son. Pray for a miracle!