Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you in the name of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for his work in the life of sister Madhu. She has repented from her sins and accepted Christ as her personal saviour. Now she is growing slowly- slowly in Christ alone. Still her husband does not believe, so pray the Spirit of God will work in his heart and he may also repent from his sins and accept Christ as his personal saviour. And I want to give thanks to the Lord for his great work and mercy upon us and keeping us through many troubles and persecution from others. Still people are growing in the faith and in God’s Word.

Prayer Requests: For brother Pavan, he may grow in the presence in the Lord and in the faith. For sister babli, she may grow more and more in the faith upon Christ. For our church. For the good health of my family.                                                                                

Below is a encouraging testimony from one of my church members:

“My name is Ajay, I am from B. Mandi. I was born and bought up in the non Christian family. I was uneducated and didn’t know about Christ and I was drunker. Through Chandan I got to know about Christ, for long time I didn’t come into faith but still he shared God message with me. One day God talk to me through his message and after that I repented from my sins and started believer upon the Living God. After that for 15 days Chandan continually taught me about God and how to read. I want to give thanks to the Lord he helped me to understand his words and in my learning. Now at the present time I can read the Bible and write the things. Praise the Lord for it.


Pray for my parents, brother and sister they may also accept Christ as their personal Saviour.”

Thank You

Chandan S.