Beloved brothers and sisters, it is my sincere desire that our God would continue to equip you for every good work and that He would cause you to abound in love for His glorious name and for those who serve Him.

These weeks have been of great encouragement to me. Over the past months I have been struggling with discouragement in the ministry, but by the Lord’s mercy, through His Word, He continues to assure me in His grace and strengthen me with His promises and faithfulness. The conference that we attended several weeks ago was especially significant for me personally. God used the testimonies of the other pastors and the teachings in each session in a particular way to strengthen me.

In order to encourage you to continue to pray for our church in Chorrillos, I want to share a few of the things that the Lord has done in our midst this past month. Several of the brothers and sisters are growing in boldness in sharing their faith in the Lord, and they are even bringing some of the people they witness to. Through the evangelism of individual members, we are having guests come to our Sunday meetings. For example, Eder, a soldier in the military, has begun coming after one of the members of the church spoke to him about the Gospel. I ask your prayers for his salvation. Also, one of the ladies in the church was given the opportunity to share the Gospel with a relative that had been receiving classes from the Jehovah’s Witnesses for several months. Now it seems that she has come to an understanding of the Gospel through the witness of our sister, and is wanting to receive more instruction from the Word of God. The difficulty lies in the fact that she lives in a different city.