Rob Greenwood:

Here in the northern part of the continent the weather is becoming colder as we’re drawing nearer to winter. I was able to get most of the necessary renovations done in my house to have it ready for the months ahead. My wife and I are very thankful to the Lord for all his provisions, and for leading us to be part of Miramichi Valley Church. Our 14-month-old twin girls are growing, and they’re finally taking their first few steps. They are such a precious gift from the Lord.

We had Mack Tomlinson visit for a few days to speak to the churches, instructing us on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe it was a very fruitful time for all of the church plants. In Blackville and Doaktown, these meetings seemed to really strengthen the quality of the prayer meetings. Blackville has been a very difficult spot to reach, but one area of growth I have seen in the past couple of months is the prayer meetings. There seems to be a real and increasing brokenness in the prayers. Please pray for us as we share the Gospel in these areas. Pray that God would bring increase and that souls would be saved. 

I also did some evangelizing in Renous, which is another town directly beside Blackville. I witnessed to a young couple that had moved into that area a few years ago. The conversation went really well, and I was able to explain the whole Gospel to them. The lady was actually from a Christian background. She told me how she grew up in a Baptist church, but when her mother died she left the faith. I was able to share true conversion and what it means to follow Jesus. She was very thankful for the conversation, but her heart is still hardened. Please pray for her, that God would soften her heart and she would truly surrender to Him.

I have been meditating this past month on Romans 1:16, that the gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes. The only hope for my country, and any other country, is the gospel message. All the institutions and ideas of man cannot change the sin problem in man, only Christ can. The real disaster in my country is not the corruption of the Government, but rather, in the so-called evangelical churches who have ceased to preach and spread this gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that God would awaken churches across this country.

Corey Betts:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from the work He is accomplishing in Fredericton, NB, Canada. It has been a busy fall at Christ Community Church. Much work has been done, and much work remains, but God is faithful. In answer to prayers, our congregation has grown rapidly since April of this year, going from thirty to well over fifty in regularly attendance. We thank God for the growth, and are sure that he will continue to provide the means to care for the spiritual needs of His bride. As the church grows, the demands on me as a pastor have grown as well, but it is a joyful work. Many of the men are also growing in their maturity and are taking their role as spiritual leader in their families more seriously. When this happens, it makes the entire church function as it should. It is a great blessing to me to see them grow, step up as men and lead, and to see the blessings that brings to their children, their wives, and the church. 

However, we are experiencing some growing pains.  One of our needs is a building that is able to hold our congregation. Our current place of worship holds 75 people, which is quickly becoming insufficient. For that reason, among others, our leadership decided this past summer to seek out a piece of property in the city and build a place of worship. In an answer to prayer, we found four acres, reasonably priced within the city limits, and are currently working with the city and the neighborhood to get the land re-zoned to suit our needs. Lord Willing, we will break ground in the spring (2019). Your prayers for us in this endeavor would be much appreciated.

In the realm of evangelism the air is still hostile, but immigrants and refugees in particular are open to at least hear the message. I have met with many people on the streets as I am going about my day, and the group that is most respectful and interested in Christianity are those who moved to Fredericton from a foreign country. One young man from Alexandria, Egypt, has met with me multiple times to hear about Christianity and ask questions about God and the Gospel. Would you please pray for him?

One last thing I would ask prayer for is steadfastness in the face of spiritual warfare. It should be no surprise that as the church flourishes opposition intensifies, and I feel I bear the brunt of it. Please join me in praying that I would persevere through trials and temptations, and that other weaker members of the flock would be kept as well.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. They are bearing fruit in the city of Fredericton. You’re giving, and the sacrifices you make to do so, are not unappreciated. We rejoice over you, that you would join a relative stranger in order to advance the Kingdom of God and be His hands or provision. 

Dave Storey:

This has been a good month. We have had a few bumps along the way, but we are trying to keep focus on Christ and the great commission. The new convert Peter, who was baptized last month, is doing well! He is growing in his knowledge of God. Today, two people who are members of our church were sharing with me that he is a changed man. The anger and bitterness that he previously had has been transformed into joy and love. Praise God for the regenerating work of His Spirit! It is clear that he is a new creation.

I have also been mentoring two new candidates for church planting. One is a retired special forces from the Canadian military, which would be equivalent to a US Navy Seal. He has a real strong desire and burden to see God move. He is sound in the faith and has a strong sense of God’s presence with him. The other brother is originally from Sweden. He loves the Lord and is very evangelistic. He is a pilot and instructor. He currently brings people over from China to train, but also instructs them in the gospel. Two of the people he brought over last year from China, upon returning to China, are both in HeartCry church plants now. Praise the Lord!

I want to thank all who pray for us in this liberal country. God had been moving and people have been steadily coming to Christ and bearing fruit. Thank you for your support.