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Recently Ben Lane (HC Coordinator for North America) traveled to Canada to visit Grace Church Lethbridge, where HeartCry missionary Cliff Kriz serves as an elder. Here, Ben taught the fundamentals of preaching and how to rightly understand the Scriptures. These lessons were attended by men from Grace Church and surrounding congregations.

Many of these men are answering a call to preach. Though they are not vocational pastors, they clearly see the need to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ where there are so few laborers in a vast harvest. Some of these men will preach in pulpits, others wish to better minister to their wives and children through family devotionals. Whether in churches or at home, they each aspire to the “noble task” of teaching the Scriptures (I Tim. 3:1).

These lessons taught by Ben Lane offered them the essential, biblical principles of “accurately handling the word of truth” (II Tim. 2:15).