When you read about the early church in Scripture, you find a church full of evangelistic fervor and growth, you see a people truly regenerated by the Spirit of God and moved to rejoice even in tribulation, to preach the gospel even amidst persecution. Here in Zimbabwe, we cannot say that the persecution we face is on an equal scale, and perhaps this explains the lethargic attitude we may often have when it comes to evangelism. One of the ways we ensure that there is ‘all-member-evangelism’ at our church is that we go out together every fortnight as a congregation to evangelize.

After the morning service on the Lord’s Day, we visit an area where a member lives to share lunch together. Afterward, we divide ourselves by groups of three and head out. We have found the Roman’s Road of evangelism useful and quite easy for the hearer to understand. We do get the contacts of the people we evangelize and have our members reach out to them and invite them for midweek prayers. There is need to add an extra component to these invites, which is to be intentionally hospitable to the people we meet. The general culture is to keep the doors closed to strangers and I observe this to be a major hindrance to gospel fruitfulness.

Please pray for these evangelism efforts, that God would save souls and gather many from this vast harvest.