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My name is Yelena. I am from Belarus. 

I want to share briefly how the study Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically has impacted my life. A couple of ladies from our church and I have gone through this study. It has changed our thinking about God and about ourselves, which is true not only of the others but also of myself. I have rethought God in the light of the Bible, and now I want to learn more about His character and grow in my relationship with Him, so that He would shape my thought life through His Word. This study has given me a fresh understanding of God, as well as helped me see my problem from within, get rid of external religiosity, and cast away the god of my imagination. I thank God for His Word, which frees us from all errors and exposes those false beliefs that take control over us in our life. 

This year has turned out to be especially tough for us, and Behold Your God has greatly assisted me in my faith. First, my unbelieving husband was deported from the country (he has a drinking problem). He doesn’t support our family (we have four children). Second, there are serious disagreements in our church, and that affected me very directly. I no longer hold to a legalistic view of Christianity. Keeping to sound biblical teaching proved to be costly to me. Since now I have different opinions from those of my relatives who are also professing Christians, they took a very radical stance and cut all ties with me. They stopped giving me any practical or financial help. But I praise the Lord that He uses these difficulties to teach me to trust Him, and provides support through fellow Christians.