This report was written by Ruben Videira who is teaching/church planting in Spain. We count it a privilege to support him in the cause of Christ in Spain.

On June 1st, ten men will graduate from Seminario Berea in Leon, Spain with a Bible and Theology degree. These men have dedicated seven years of their life to complete their theological education. They have studied key areas for preaching and ministering, such as hermeneutics, exegesis, homiletics, pastoral ministry, Bible survey, and theology. 

Six different churches are represented among these graduates, who come from several areas in Spain. During their studies, God has called seven of them to pastoral ministry, of which two are now serving the Lord full-time. Most of them are bi-vocational. They work long hours to support their families, and on top of that, they preach and fulfill all other ministerial responsibilities.

These men are not only hard-working, but they are dedicated to the cause of Christ. Their convictions are profoundly rooted in Scripture, and they desire to serve the Church according to the design of her Head—Jesus Christ. They are gifted preachers, but first of all, godly men who love Christ and strive for making Him known. 

Opposition is not a foreign concept to most of them. They have already faced challenges from within the church for faithfully preaching the Word of God and exalting Christ. But they have also proven themselves to be men of biblical conviction and a deep love for God and His people, persevering despite all evils, and not wavering in their commitment to Scripture. 

These men are God’s mouthpieces shouting from the rooftops the truth of Christ to a dying generation. Spain is a dark country, but the light is shining stronger than ever. May these men become the spark that will ignite the Reformation in Spain. Please join us in praising God for raising up men like these, but also, in praying for them as they carry on the baton of the gospel and pass it on to the next generation. To train men such as these is a gift of the grace of God.

Yours in Christ,

Ruben Videra

Leon, Spain