Mario pastors a church in Portugal, where he lives with his wife, Lancy, and children. His desire is to see the gospel spread across Portugal through the addition of missionaries and pastors sent out from local churches. Read his testimony of conversion and call to ministry below:

Testimony of Conversion

I was not raised in a Christian family. My family had many issues with immorality and alcohol. I was exposed to the Gospel at the age of ten at a Christian camp for children. That was the first time that I was convicted that I was a sinner and that because of my sin God would condemn me to hell. I was taught that God demonstrated His love by sending His Son in my place to receive the punishment that I should receive. He died on the cross for me, He was buried, and rose again on the third day. This was marvelous good news! I repented and I believed that Jesus died for me on the cross to give me forgiveness. After this event, I saw great changes in the way that I talked and behaved. I started to go to church and to learn more about God and His will for my life.

Testimony of Call to Ministry

After being at church for four years, I began to serve with the children’s ministry. One day, my pastor invited me to work with him in the youth ministry. He began to see the gifts that God gave to me and encouraged me to keep serving more and more.

My church hosted a mission’s conference each year. In 2001, after a sermon that was preached by an Irish missionary on Romans 10:14-17, I was convicted of God’s call to preach the Gospel. I went forward to the pulpit after my pastor invited those who felt God was calling them to the ministry to go upfront. After this, the church agreed to send me to Argentina to study at the Bible Institute. After four years I returned to my church and they confirmed God’s calling upon my life. I was invited to serve in the church in Miratejo and after a few years, they called me to be the lead pastor of the Church.