Ion presently serves in Timisoara as the Campus Crusade Director. He leads a team of five missionaries that work among the campus students at the West University of Timisoara. The university has over 20,000 students that live on campus. Ion is a gifted evangelist who for more than a decade has evangelized and trained many students who are missionaries today. He and his wife, Ani, have two children, Flavius and Rebeca.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Ion (John) Tomeci. I am married and I have two children. My wife’s name is Ani and my children’s names are Flavius and Rebeca. We became Christians in 1992.

I was born in a mountain village named Bajesti. My family was poor, but we didn’t have a hard life during the communist days. My father was a truck driver and my mother was a housewife. We were Orthodox like all the people from my village, and we went to church only on holidays. I finished high school with a focus on veterinary medicine.

I was always afraid of God, but I did not know how to get close to Him. As the years passed by, I saw that my little faith was atrophying. I lived in the world and adopted the world’s values with great intensity. My desire was to be someone and to have peace and happiness. Before the revolution, veterinary medicine would open the door to a successful future. At least that was what I thought at that time. So I put all of my hopes in going to the university and becoming a veterinary doctor.

After I finished high school, I was crushed by an unexpected surprise – I was not admitted to the university. Therefore, since I came from a poor family I was also forced to enlist in the army. That moment was one of the most difficult of my life. I felt that everything was falling apart. The pain was even greater because one of my friends from the same village who studied in the same high school with me was admitted, while I failed. The Lord crushed me. In the army, I had a really hard time, but I learned what it meant to have a master.

After six months, I got back on my feet and I remembered my dream. The fulfillment of my life was tied to becoming a student and then a doctor. So in the army, I studied very hard, and in the next summer I subscribed to the University again. Amazingly, God helped me and I was accepted. Even though I was the last person on that list, I did not care. What was important was that I did not have to do four more months of military service and my dream was beginning to come true. I had passed the great exam and I was hoping that my life as a student would fulfill me. But I was wrong by a long shot. The school was very hard, and the reality was that my life did not change just because I was a student. In fact, my life became even more complicated.

At that point, I thought that if I had a girlfriend maybe I would find the happiness that I was looking for. I met Ani, and after two years we were married. But I discovered that it is not easy to be married and also to depend on one’s parents. Even though I had passed the steps that should make me feel like a fulfilled man, I was far from what I had dreamed for my future. Ani was feeling the same thing. She also came from a poor family. Her dream was to fulfill her life through work and marriage. We were both far away from our dreams.

For the above reasons, we started to go more often to the Orthodox Church, but we did not find God there. Then, the revolution came and things started to change. In fact, things got a lot worse. But there was also something that changed for good. Some missionaries came to our Student Complex and presented a film on the life of Jesus. After that, they challenged us to think about our life with Jesus and our relationship with Him. We were invited to go to another meeting, but I had a repulsive feeling about everything. Ani was different. She was very impressed with the meeting. She was very happy because they gave her a Bible. It was something that she had wanted to read for a long time.

After a week, we found out that the family that invited us to that meeting was going to a different church than the Orthodox Church. Ani wanted to see what it was like. So a week later, we went to Golgotha Church in Bucharest. There the Lord seemed to talk to me and I decided to keep going. After a year, we knew that we had believed, and we were baptized. We continued to do Bible Studies with the missionaries that first spoke to us. I had many questions, but slowly I found the answers. We finally found what we were looking for, what was missing from our lives. If someone would have told us that we would find our fulfilment in God, we would not have believed them, but it is true. Finding God, we had found what we wanted: peace and fulfilment.

We know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. God really fulfilled our lives. Praise Him! Of course in our lives there is not just happiness, but the Lord always supports us. During all this time God has changed our lives, our marriage relationship, and the relationship we have with our parents, colleagues, and teachers. We are living in God’s light and His will is our target.