We continue to reach out and minister to many hurting people in Russia. Let me share a few testimonies and efforts in our ministry to encourage you and ask you to intercede on their/our behalf before the throne of grace. 

Nikolia (on the right) is passing through a crisis and has come to me for counsel. Please pray I will be able to point him to the sufficiency of Christ Jesus and the glorious gospel!

Andrey was diagnosed with HIV. However, the Holy Spirit used the diagnosis and the reality of his mortality to draw him to Christ. He attends meetings with the church, loves to read the Bible, and is growing in faith. Also, Andrey is respected in the workplace. There are a number of Muslims at his employment and when there is time, he talks to them about Jesus Christ.

Another brother named Sergey, has a physical disability but is growing spiritually. He loves Scripture and is attending church services regularly, and delights to witness of his faith in Christ.

Three weeks ago, Sergei called his sister, with whom he had lost touch with each other over the last 30 years. Sergei at one time, was an alcoholic, addicted to drugs and was involved in crime. His sister learned that he is no longer in the underworld, does not consume alcohol and drugs, and invited him to her house for two weeks. Sergey has accepted the invitation and went to visit her. He had a fantastic opportunity to tell their relatives about Christ. We praise the Lord for that!

Thank God for my Sister Maya! We see spiritual progress in her life. The Lord delivered her from drug and alcohol addiction, and she, along with her daughter Mira are regularly attending the meetings, delving into the Scriptures, and growing spiritually. Unfortunately, she suffers physically from the consequences of her former life. Maya has led to the church families of old friends who have been attending for two months.

Brother Vadim works in a coffee shop, and we are glad that he tries to speak about Christ to the people who come to buy coffee and sweets. Once a girl named Margaret learned that Vadim was a Christian, and she told him how she was looking for God. She followed the advice of occult people, neo-pagans, “orthodox,” and superstitious people but could not find rest for her heart. Vadim invited her to our Sunday meetings. S accepted the invitation, and she regularly attends our meetings. She rejoices that the Lord reveals to her the meaning of the Gospel. Margaret immediately became willing to talk about Christ to their friends and colleagues at work. She repented and witnessed their faith in Christ. We ask you to pray for Margaret that she will be strengthened in her faith.

We sincerely thank the Lord, you and all the brothers and sisters who support us and our ministry here. Without help and support, we could not do what we do.