Photo by Saad Chaudhry

Let me say how honored and humbled I am by your ongoing support. It continues to encourage and strengthen us in both heart and mind, that you would take the time to both read and pray through my report. You have my sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

As a family, we have really undergone a season of testing. Early in the spring my 5th son Tedd broke his ankle in a skiing accident. The break was so extensive that his entire leg had to be set in plaster for 5 weeks. In the first few weeks the break was not healing correctly, so the Doctors discussed the possibility of surgery, which would include re-breaking his leg in order to insert pins to straighten it.  This would have also included at least 2 more surgeries and a minimum of 5 additional months in a full-length cast.

Thankfully, one of the consulting physicians purposed an experimental procedure with Tedd’s cast, which would allow the bone to straighten and heal normally. It worked. After a full 8 weeks, Tedd has had the cast removed, although he is still suffering the effects of his injury. The tendons and ligaments around his knee and ankle joints have stiffened and shortened, and he has lost a lot of muscle mass in the whole leg. All of which has left him with an extremely painful limp. But slowly and surely, he is making steady progress to a full recovery.

As soon as we were done with Tedd’s broken leg, having the cast removed and him starting his Physical therapy, our 6th son Levi broke his arm in two places (just above and below the elbow) on the following Sunday at church. This has resulted in weekly x-rays and checkups. I am relieved to say there have been no further complications with Levi’s arm. The doctor is happy and content with how it is healing and predicts the cast should come off in another 2 weeks.

The last 3 months have been a blur of hospital visits, x-rays, and conversations with surgeons and consultants (who all seemed far too eager to cut open my boy’s leg and drill into it!), phone calls to our insurance company, meetings, emails to teachers and the school board, and of the exhausting effort trying to find an available Physical therapist. It’s been mad!

Needless to say, I have been feeling somewhat worn down and weary as a result of all the running around and stress. Plus, I have been quite busy visiting the other congregations we work with here, dealing with difficulties which have arisen and acting as a consultant to the best of my abilities. This is all on top of preaching in my own pulpit. These things can leave a person feeling somewhat tired and empty.

It is at these times, I think when one’s sense of “calling” is so important. The awareness of the One who has called us, the True and Living God. The awareness that it is He who stands with us, remembering that it is Christ who stands in the midst of the Lampstands, accomplishing His sovereign will. That we are never forsaken nor forgotten. He sees everything. Even in our apparent and obvious weakness of heart, His grace and mercy sufficient. HE is faithful! 

That’s the truth that will keep a man standing tall through all the storms and droughts of his life. It will help him to find the impossible strength to take one more step, and then another, and then another. It motivates him to never give up and to never give in. It’s the stuff of John 4:32 “the food to eat you know nothing about.” That’s grace which maintains and sustains the soul, that surpasses all understanding and causes the heart of a man to rise up as if on eagle’s wings.

Our small fellowship is doing well. Summer is coming and everyone is busy. After a long pause, I have begun to regularly meet up with young men for prayer and study.

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s work in Finland.