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“My name is Andre. And we are in the village of Jegalia, Romania. Behind us is the Baptist church. The ministry started in 1909, and was flourishing at that time. But all ended after the communist regime was installed in 1947. The priest of that time was with the secret police.

They came and brought hay around the building. They set the building on fire, and the believers were inside the building. When the believers came out from the building, people began to throw stones at the believers.

Nine of the believers were arrested and put in jail. They basically demolished the whole building.
But then after communism fell in Romania, some of the descendants of those believers from here helped reconstruct, they rebuilt the the building. They tried to replant this church, but they they did not succeed.

We came here in the in the year of 2017. The building looked terrible. It was very bad shape. But we renovated it. And now we come every week here to do a children’s ministry.

So please pray for us. May the Lord touch many people in this village. It is a big village here and a wonderful village. So thank you so much.”