We started our church 2.5 years ago. We are located in Asia. Since the beginning of our church, we longed to see converts, but our church grew only through the addition of people from other churches. We prayed, evangelized and prayed more. Some unbelievers would сome through our church, but nobody was converted and then God blessed us with our first convert! His name is Eric.

Eric had been attending our church sporadically for almost two years. Three months ago the Lord brought him into difficult circumstances. He had just started working as a doctoral assistant at the cardiosurgical hospital, and he made a mistake in prescribing medicine which brought a patient into a critical condition. After being absent from church for quite some time, Eric decided to come to the church because he needed an extraordinary help. He ended up listening to a sermon from Mark chapter 1 where a demon was cast out of a man in the synagogue. He left the church thinking that he might be like that demon-possessed man who attends the church and looks like a decent man but, in reality, he serves the devil, not God.

Two weeks after that, Eric wrestled with the Lord in prayer, and the Lord prevailed. Eric was converted. Last Sunday, our first convert, Eric, was baptized following our Easter service. We invited many friends and relatives and the meeting hall was full. We had an excellent opportunity to preach the Gospel to the unbelievers and show the Gospel to them in baptism. I am so grateful for the culture of evangelism in our church. Every unbeliever was surrounded by several Christians who did their best to build relationships and witness to the goodness of our Savior.

Eric’s testimony to the church was very encouraging. Please pray with us that many of those who came for Eric’s baptism would continue having conversations with the members of the church and come back to church. Also, pray for Eric to grow in his zeal for the Lord. He is very zealous. He preaches the Gospel at work to his patients and coworkers fearlessly. Some listen, some argue, most object, but he continues to witness. We joke about him, saying that our heavenly Doctor did a transplant of heart to our earthly doctor. May our church be adorned with more converts so that the name of Christ be magnified!