We recently heard from Adam Węgrzyk, our missionary in Kraków, Poland. He has recently retired from 15 years of work as a police officer to focus completely on the ministry. He pastors the church in Kraków.

“The Lord is helping me to focus on the ministry with the right attitude of heart. I am enjoying it as I know that the police work was many times a big distraction and discouragement to me. Recently I was given an opportunity to go to Ukraine. It was possible for me to do because I do not have to work in police anymore. Having more possibility to organize the time, I took a few days to prepare a trip to Ukraine with Josh Gilbert from the church in Czech Republic. The Lord blessed us the whole time we were together and we are glad the brethren in Ukraine were helped. Below are some pictures from the trip with Josh and the brothers from Ukraine.

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Recently I got to preach the gospel to a few people and it was good to see that one of them was particularly receptive. I talked with him and asked him the most important question: “how can you have your sins forgiven?” This question seems to work well in our society as people never ask themselves that. Probably because they do not think they have a problem with sin, especially, sin as the transgression against the Holy Creator. Eventually, I left that man with a bible and encouraged him to read. Pray that the Lord will save him.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support. We highly appreciate that.”

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