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John Flavel (1627-1691):

“O fair sun, and fair moon, and fair stars, and fair flowers, and fair roses, and fair lilies, and fair creatures! But, oh ten thousand, thousand times fairer Lord Jesus! Alas, I wronged Him in making the comparison this way. Oh dark sun and moon; but oh fair Lord Jesus! Oh dark flowers, and dark lilies and roses; but Oh fair, fair, ever fair Lord Jesus! Oh all fair things, dark, deformed, and without beauty, when ye are set beside the fairest Lord Jesus! Oh black heaven, but oh fair Christ! Oh dark angels, but oh surpassingly fair Lord Jesus!”

(John Flavel, The Works of John Flavel, Vol.1, p.xix-xx)

Paul serves as the HeartCry Coordinator in Western Europe. He is currently overseeing our missionaries in Italy, Spain, and France. He is also the founder and director of the HeartCry Missionary Society. Paul lives in Radford, Virginia with his wife Charo and their four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn.

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