Zhenya T. is the pastor of a church in Southern Siberia. In addition to pastoring, he is also active in evangelism in the surrounding villages.

Testimony of Conversion

In 1994 I was invited to attend an evangelistic meeting. I had heard about how God was changing people, and I wanted to be changed myself. I began attending the services and read the New Testament. A part of me enjoyed the services and Bible reading, but I wasn’t changing, no matter how hard I tried nothing was happening.

However, in the beginning of 1995 I came to the end of my ‘good works’ and myself. I was broken before God and He gave me repentance. Even though I still struggled with sin, I started to hate my sin. God gave me sorrow over my sin and He continued to help me fighting against it. God has changed my life! I was baptized in 1996 and received some Bible training. Through this training God called me to the ministry and I was ordained to be a pastor.

I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for His love and care for me. He gives me the desire and strength to serve Him for His glory. I am thankful to the Lord for His cleansing power and sanctification. He transformed my heart and He cares for my soul. Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ because He saved me by His mercy and grace!

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