Chris serves as a missionary among the Lahu people in a hostile area among animists. The Lord graciously called him to a life in Christ and into the ministry, and he has been faithful to persevere in faith and obedience in his life and ministry.

Testimony of Conversion

I thank God above all. I was born in “NK,” in 1982. I grew up in a Christian society. But my family was poor and did not know God. I never regularly attended church on Sundays. I lived the life I pleased. But sometimes I went to “NK” church. On one occasion, there was a youth conference in “NK” church. I heard about God, man, sin, Jesus, and salvation. I was convicted of my sin and knew that I need a Savior. In March 1997, I was drawn to Jesus and received the gift of salvation. I was baptized three days later. From that moment on I attended church regularly and heard regular preaching.

Testimony of Call to Ministry

After five years of my Christian life in a church, I felt the call to preach the Gospel. In 2002, I went to Evangelical Baptist Bible School. During my time at school, I experienced many difficulties. But I trusted in God and prayed most of the time. By the Grace of God, I completed the three-year course. Then I led a local church for some years as a youth pastor. 

When I was first sent out by my Church to a village as an evangelist in 2012, I started with teaching Lahu and preaching the Gospel to the children first. A year later, 21 families decided to abandon their animistic practice and convert to Christianity. A new church was established in which new believers were being taught the doctrine of grace and salvation in a regular manner. The power of God in the gospel was manifest, and ten more families were added to the church in the next year. Still more families came to the Lord recently, and I have 34 families in total now in my church. Also, hundreds of Lahu animists are living in three nearby villages. I have been serving God for five years in this church and will continue to preach the Gospel as long as I live.

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