After studying in a seminary in Sullana, Peru, Wilmer moved with his family to Pampa Flores, where he is now serving as pastor.

Testimony of Conversion

On several occasions, different people tried to talk to me about the gospel. I listened and began to go to church; after about a year, I was discipled, baptized, and later was sent to study for four years in a seminary. But I continued to practice sin. I was a farce before the Lord. I loved sin, and I drank it down like water. Even though I called myself a child of God, I showed that I hated Him because I continued to freely practice my rebellion.

Before finishing the four years of seminary, an evangelist came to preach the Gospel, and the message he preached was one that I had never heard. He said that it was God who had crushed His own Son to put away sin and that God had to forsake His Son to save me. For the first time, I understood what Christ had done for me, yet I continued to live in sin.

The evangelist recommended two books, one on the doctrine of God and the other on the depravity of man, and I began to study them. I found through these studies that I did not love God, which was shown through my continued life of sin. I asked myself what I could do. I knew that I could not change, so I cried out, “God, you know all things and you know that I cannot change myself. God, save me.” This was my prayer.

One night, I began to cry out in prayer to the Lord to save me. I called out to God, but He did not answer my prayer. The following night I cried out to Him again, and my prayer was the same: “God, save me. If I am your child, save me.” In the middle of the night, I fell asleep. I do not even know what time it was. However, the next day something happened. He had changed my heart, and I felt peace. Since that day, He has allowed me to no longer live a life of sin. Blessed be our God. To Him be the glory.

Since God saved me, my prayer has been to serve Him. I prayed that God would provide a house and a place to minister so that I might be able to give my whole life to serve Him. By His grace, He has allowed me to serve as a pastor and evangelist, and I desire to keep preaching that which was preached to me; that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day.