I never planned or wanted to become a missionary. I didn’t see the point in ministry; worship services, Bible studies, and witnessing were all rituals to me.

My wife, Jayachandra, attended a church led by my brother, and even when we were engaged, I refused to go with her.

Eventually, I decided to go with her, and that’s when I saw that everyone who attended was growing by faith. I learned a lot from my brother and his wife, especially from observing their day to day life. They not only taught the Word of God and discipled others, but their thoughts, speech, and actions were in harmony with God’s Word as well.

Their example helped me to understand the meaning of true ministry, that is, to become a witness and example. More than anything, I studied the person and deity of Jesus Christ who is now my Lord, friend, parent, and older brother.

When I married, Jayachandra and I shared various experiences sharing God’s Word. Every time we went out on a mission trip, I was brought to the same conclusion: there are still so many people who have never heard or studied about the Lord.

This became a burden for my wife and I.