Tul began a church in his home village shortly after his conversion. He later went to Bible school in India, and has now returned to Nepal to serve as a church planter and pastor.

Testimony of Conversion

Early on in my childhood I was surrounded by Buddhist and Hindu tradition. When I was a little older, my father heard the Gospel and gave his life to Christ, and some of the brothers and sisters of the church used to come to our house for fellowship. When they came I always sat in on the meetings, but I never really sought to know anything about Christ. I did not take those meetings seriously, nor was I concerned about the Gospel.

When I was a young man I went to India to earn money. While I was working I became seriously ill, and I sent a letter to my father explaining my situation to him. The letter he wrote in response was a plea for me to believe in Christ and confess my sins before Him. He explained the Gospel to me and told me that I must seek the Lord in prayer and give my life to Him. He also told me that Jesus is ready to help me. His letter brought conviction to my heart and I cried out to God. I confessed my sins to Him and asked Him to forgive me. This happened in 1984, and it was then that I came to know Jesus as my Savior. Also, after this, the Lord healed me physically from my illness.

I returned to Nepal and joined the church with a great desire to learn more from God’s Word. The church was far from our house, yet we always attended the meetings to be in fellowship with the brothers and sisters. Because of the distance between our house and the church, we decided to begin a fellowship in our own home. I realized my need for further biblical training, so I returned to India once more to study at a Bible school. After graduating, I came back to Nepal and began doing pastoral ministry.

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