Testimony of Conversion

I was raised in a somewhat Christian environment. My father was a curious man who attended the Catholic Church. When they could not answer his questions, he began to attend the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He did not stay with them long because he met an able Christian and was saved shortly after I was born. My mother was not saved, and hence my upbringing was semi-Christian.

I attended a local Baptist church and was saved around fifteen. My conversion was a profound experience in that I was overcome by a realization of my sinfulness and my desperate need for Christ – I can still remember the fear and anxiety of the drive home from church. When I came home, I ran into my room, locked the door, dropped to my knees, and begged for forgiveness and salvation. I felt filthy and vile kneeling but clean and forgiven standing up. I began to share my newfound faith from that moment.

In college, I fell back into the world for a few years until God, in his grace, afflicted me. This resulted in a time of tremendous torment and soul searching that ultimately resulted in God returning me to my knees. Since this moment, I have been hungry for God and his word.

The road has had many ups and downs, but God has been faithful in all things and at all times.

Call to Ministry

From my conversion, I have had an overwhelming desire to share God’s word, not only with unbelievers but with Christians. This opportunity was never afforded me in my local church and could only be exercised in evangelism.

While at college, I spoke to whomever I could, and God was gracious in gospel opportunities. As I mentioned in my testimony, I began to drift around this time, and when the Lord brought me back, I rejoined a different church. It was here that I had the opportunity to preach for the first time. Eventually, the “pastor” (it was a Pentecostal church) of this church left, and I returned to my local church. 

It was about this time that I began to attend MBC (Munster Bible College). This was about ten years ago. The preaching module struck me most profoundly for good and bad reasons.

At one point, I had to preach a five-minute sermon. After the message, one of the professors asked me if I was a pastor. I told him I wasn’t and didn’t teach often. He told me that I should be a preacher. This was a rare moment of encouragement, and I prayerfully sought opportunities.

I was subsequently invited to speak in Northern Ireland through a series of events. Afterward, a retired minister, who knew my situation, came and put his hand on my shoulder and simply said, “get into the ministry.” These moments began to resonate with an overwhelming desire that has nagged at me since my conversion to preach and teach God’s word. This “call” has always been there.

Eventually, doors began to open, and God has given me many opportunities to preach and teach his word.