Tony is one of the elders in the church of Circeni, and he is helping to plant a church in city of Strehaia. The Strehaia church has had a positive impact among the Gypsies. There are several thousand Gypsies living in this town and the need for the Gospel is great. Tony’s vision is to reach the community for Christ and to plant a church that will influence the people for future generations. He is married and has two children.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born in an Orthodox family, but until I was twelve years old, I had no knowledge of God. In 1990, a pastor came to our community and began a mission work. The entire community was convicted of sin and many people received Christ, including my family, but not me. At that same time, during my vacation, I went to work in the town of Movila Verde. One night I went with my friends to a wedding to have fun. In the middle of the party I felt a great sadness in my heart. I knew it was time for me to give my life to Christ. I went out and I knelt down in a ditch and prayed to the Lord to have mercy on me. Ever since that day, His mercy has never stopped.

A few years after my conversion, I was living with my family in Braila and working for a German company. I had many opportunities to preach to my people the Gypsies. But I did not because I hated them. They were such liars and thieves that I believed that they did not deserve to live on the earth. Finally, in 1998 God opened my eyes to see the need for workers among Gypsies. Like a miracle, God changed my heart and He made the Gypsy people to be a part of my life. I have been serving among Gypsies for the last three years and I can say that God has given me a special love for them and I have had the best times of my life beside them.