Under the oversight of Pastor Sam Oluoch and Grace Baptist Church Kisumu, Titus is planting a church in the coastal city of Malindi. The east coast of Kenya is dominated by Islam, a result of former slave-trading days. The region also suffers attacks from radical Muslims coming down from Somalia.

Testimony of Salvation

l was not brought up in a Christian family, my parents were not even going to church, so l found myself in the same situation. In fact, l didn’t know anything about God, His Son, & the great work of Redemption that He offered for His people on the cross. I Iived a life without Christ until December 1983, when a local pastor visited me and invited me to the church. I accepted and started attending Sunday services. 

One Sunday a preacher preached from ROM. 3:23 and he quoted ROM. 6:23. He dealt with sin and what we deserve because of sin, and explained that Christ is our only eternal hope. The Holy Spirit started working and convicting me of sin. This went on for quite some time, in fact for months. One evening, l sat down, repented my sins, and put my faith in Christ; and He saved me. I gave myself to God’s word to be taught and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Call to Ministry

After a period of learning from God’s word, l was baptized. Then, after quite some time, l became a youth leader and a Sunday school teacher. After serving Christ in my local church, l received a call to preach the gospel. I felt in my heart that the Lord, through His Spirit, was calling me to His Great Commission. 

I recall very well one day committing myself to Christ to serve Him all my life. I realized certain things, such as man’s need for salvation, but l did not know the Bible. l went for theological courses at Pwani Bible School, and then another 3-year theological course at Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi, in order to be equipped for the ministry.