I grew up going to the church I am now pastoring. Around the age of 8 years old, I was attending a boy’s group in the church. The leader was teaching about the nature of sin, how we are all sinners, and the need for forgiveness from God. I bowed my head and prayed that God would forgive me. This is the earliest I can remember calling upon the Lord. I have always dated my conversion to that night though sometimes, looking back, I wonder whether I was saved then. At the age of ten, I was baptized in the Margaree River. I followed the Lord through my teenage years and was devoted to church and youth group. I went to Bible College for four years from age 19-23 and graduated with a Bachelor of Theology. At the end of that time, I went on a mission trip to India and was feeling the need for something more from the Lord. I came back seeking God for the next 6 months, reading and praying much. At the end of this period, in the early part of May 1994, I surrendered my life totally to Christ, in a way that I never had. From this point, I seemed to experience the Lord in a greater way. So sometimes I wonder if that was the date of my conversion. I have followed the Lord since then growing in love for Him and His Word, prayer, and His people.

In a prayer meeting in 1998 at a church in Toronto, I felt the Lord impressing me the call to enter full-time ministry. I looked up, as the praying continued, so surprised at God’s call. From that time on I began to pray that God would open a door for ministry full time. In 2001 God opened the door to come to the church I am currently pastoring.